This is the official website of the guys who created the Nasdaq 7HANDL Index the benchmark index for the HNDL ETF

Here's the backstory...

The idea behind the HNDL ETF was to build a passive index based on the principals of modern portfolio theory as taught by Professor and Nobel Laureate  Harry Markowitz.  The idea for the managed distribution came from CEFs - which have a real problem with premium discount volatility
This is our original whitepaper where we expressed why we thought this was a great idea.   Judge for yourself whether the idea appears to be working in real world applications.
This is the whitepaper that we published in the Investments and Wealth Monitor that explained how we set a target distribution to a specific portfolio allocation.  It's not as technical as it might first look

Nasdaq HANDLS™ Indexes are a series of 100% rules-based indexes defining a diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds that have historically produced high risk-adjusted returns as defined by the Sharpe Ratio.

The Nasdaq 7HANDL™ Index, for example, was specifically developed with the goal to support, from total return, a 7% distribution rate, net of estimated expenses, after incorporating 23% structural leverage. Accordingly, returns for the index are calculated assuming leverage on the underlying portfolio in the amount of 23% (net of the estimated cost of employing such leverage).

HANDLS™ Indexes therefore have risk characteristics similar to the broad US capital markets and can be expected to generally rise and fall with prevailing market conditions. All HANDLS™ Indexes are split into two components, with a 50% allocation to a Core Portfolio and a 50% allocation to an Explore Portfolio.

Global Partners

HNDL ETF Link  The official ETF of HANDLS Indexes
3198-HK the official website of the Nasdaq 5HANDL Index

Unique Story - Universal Need

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